Life’s full of requirements. Or things that should be a certain way. Or things that are just the way they are. Not at Fatboy. For over 20 years, we’ve shown the world that life can be lived differently. Forget about the rules. When you let go of how things should be, a world of new possibilities opens up in front of you. A world where that dull chair turns into a super-soft bean bag. Where your patio set makes you want to live outdoors 24/7. And where imagination rules. With every design, we’re looking for the fun in functionality. That’s how we create designs with a smile – every day. You in?

Free whenever you want to
You’re the one who knows best how to do your job. That’s why you don’t have a fixed number of holidays. Arrange your own time in a way that works for you and your colleagues. Take regular breaks, so that every working day is a great one.

The best team ever
Everyone at Fatboy is responsible for their own goals. Together we go for the very best – and the most fun – result. We roll up our sleeves and go for it. One team, one Fatboy.

A celebration’s in order
Friday? That calls for a celebration. The end of the year? Even more so. We turn every working day into a party – and put a lot of work into it as well. 

Fat discount
As a member of the Fatboy family, you can shop at a fat discount. The Fatboy Original, BonBaron, Edison the Grand or cheerful Toní garden set will look great in your house or outdoors..

Let’s hear it for the fitboys and girls
Working out while you’re working? Definitely. Work on your six pack at our Fatboy Gym at Fatboy HQ in Den Bosch, or join a group lesson. A fit team means a healthy company.

Why so serious?
At Fatboy, you won’t spot gray men in gray suits who put you to sleep by droning on about their business plans. We take our work super seriously, but not ourselves. We’re open to any thing and any idea. We keep it informal. It just works better that way.

Break the rules.

Make your own choices.

And live the good life